Adam Meyer is a digital artist and designer from St. Louis, Missouri. He studies at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois as a second semester senior graduating in May of 2021. Meyer majors in graphic design with minors in user-experience design and social media marketing, where he created work for Bradley’s activities council and chapter of Theta Chi. Currently, Meyer is working on his senior exhibition at Bradley University along with making progress on new personal projects. After graduating from college, Meyer hopes to continue his design work and career at a company or firm with a design team by utilizing different programs and taking on projects ranging from web design to marketing campaigns.

Artist Statement

In our reality and world of (somewhat) normalcy we’re often restricted and held back by the limitations of what we are able to do as human beings. But what if we could do more? What if space was a theme park? What if people and animals were constructed out of letters? Looking at lands and worlds beyond that of what we live in right now and using our imagination to construct limitless possibilities are themes that I break down in my work. Being able to engage the viewer in my creations is relevant to me, therefore my pieces are influenced by artists who think outside of the box, such as Keith Haring and Jean Michel-Basquiat. Having these inspirations in mind helps me reproduce similar themes that mold my work into layered, complex visuals that make different realities and get the viewer thinking with a child-like sense of wonder. Whether it’s the marks that I create with an arsenal of pencils, or the designs that are formed with my powerhouse of a laptop, I am able to use these tools to make anything possible and tap into my experiences to make something imaginative. It’s truly where I challenge myself as a person and tap into my sense of wonder, enjoyment, and sense of self where my art attempts to bring out a similar form of creativity, imagination, dreaming, and feeling of freedom in my audience.