Christian Jones was born in Agusta, GA, and is an artist, graphic designer at Bradley University earning a B.A. Christian Jones is a character concept artist who’s been drawing characters, specifically animal characters, since 2014 and always made characters inspired by experiences in life whether it’s from people met, shows watched, or places he’s been. He also makes art for an audience whether it’s #SixFanartChallenge or drawing characters by audience request. 

The research of styles he’s into most in art is cartoon and anime styles.

Artist Statement

There are times where it’s difficult to express yourself verbally as people don’t really give you the chance. Because of this, I create art pieces and give them stories as a way to express my life with the people I’ve met and past experiences I’ve been through. From graphic arts to character art, each of them carries an aspect of my life as far as my interests, my work experiences, and many more. The intention is to not only let people into my life and get to know me as an artist but to also inspire people who want to be artists and be able to express their lives for there’s a lot of us who feel we don’t have a voice. 

The character art is the major subject where I express myself most. Each character I create is given a story that carries some sense of my life in it. Even if it’s exaggerated and fantasized, I keep it real and relatable at the same time. Over time, I’ve started to bring my character art into my graphic designing with a couple of the projects I have made, and I intend to continue to bring out my character art as it’s the major subject I want to pursue, to inspire people and let them know they have a voice that can be expressed through anything they’re passionate about especially art.