Jackson Acre is a Graphic Designer major from Aurora, IL. Growing up with his twin brother, the two were obsessed with playing video games and making art. While his brother continued in the more digital art aspect, Jackson originally wanted to get into video game development. However, that idea soon faded in his first year at Oswego East High School, where he took a graphic design class. Jackson continued working in graphic design classes every year after. After graduating high school, Jackson decided to attend Bradley University for a Graphic Design major, focusing on branding and marketing.

Artist Statement

Pop culture is something I’ve embraced for most of my life. In my youth, I was constantly watching cartoons and probably more importantly, consumed a lot of video game content. So naturally growing up, I wanted to put effort and talent into one of these areas. After taking a programming class in high school, I realized that maybe game developing isn’t my thing. The following semester I got a graphic communications class and I realized how much I loved the process of creating logos, posters and packaging. Around this time, I was also growing heavy interest in content creation, mostly centered around YouTube and Twitch. Combined with my love for animation and gaming, my influence adapted into my graphic work and continues 8 years later. I would love to work together with creators to help build their brand, create logos and designs, and help promote the events they hold.