Jorge Arroyo is an artist born in Colombia, who moved to Los Angeles, California at a young age. He is currently on track to receive a degree in Graphic Design and User Experience this fall at Bradley University. His journey as an artist started when he was in elementary school trying to find something he could be passionate about. Once he began to attend Bradley University, he found mentors who taught him skills that would eventually change his passion for art into a career path. The broad set of skills that he has developed in recent years consists of fine art, such as drawing and painting; 3D sculpting out of bronze, wax, and clay; and digital drawing.

Artist Statement

My work consists of a mixture of different genres, such as fantasy and sci-fi, to realism and surrealism. There is not really a specific subject matter when it comes to my art because I tend to create whatever excites me the most at the moment. For this reason I am currently in the process of cultivating my 3D art skills. I am taking sculpting classes to learn more about form, which hopefully can be translated into my drawings and paintings. I am passionate about art because when I was a young boy who had moved from Colombia to the United States, I had a lot of trouble making friends due to the language barriers between us. Drawing became an escape for me when I found myself in situations of frustration or distress. Art will always be something that I want to learn more about and eventually I would like to teach others how to grow their skills and talents as well.