For 22 years, I have lived in Indianapolis, IN. Currently, I am studying graphic design at Bradley University and getting my degree in Bachelor of Science. As a graphic designer, I find that my work is very important to me to see my success and creativity grow from over the past 4 years. I am overall deeply excited for you to see what I have done!

Artist Statement

My inspiration is through motivation, a creativity of mind, and receiving feedback form others to know what I can do better. My process take a while to make, so they can look good for people to see. I like to take my time on what I am doing. I use Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop mostly for my work. I use my work from a conceptual point of view is by having to deal with decision making, and critical thinking and I’m not good with both of them. My work in a thematic point of view is to see how to put it in a storyline and I think I can do that in a way. I feel like my work is in an emotional point of view is to bring people with enjoyment when they see my work. I use pastel colors a lot through my work. I like to use simple and modern pieces within my work to be more nice looking and elegant. Using different fonts, colors, and ideas making my work come together. I think my work can somewhat relate if I did a little more abstract. I know that within my work, I have a lot of white space which can be either good or bad in multiple ways depending on what is being made. I feel like I can work on some more art work with my creative mind, but going into as a branding artist I feel like my work fit is great from the art work that I have worked on throughout the years.