Hallie Fedorowicz grew up in Algonquin Illinois for the first part of her childhood before moving to Island Lake Illinois. Hallie grew up in the suburbs but was constantly surrounded by nature. Growing up, Hallie learned how to express herself through various forms of art. She has explored music and dance through choir, band, and theatre. She is constantly building with her hands. This hands-on creativity has led to her love for ceramics. Hallie is a BFA major with a concentration in graphic design and has a minor in marketing minor. While studying at Bradley University, Hallie has had two graphic design internships. Her first internship was with BU Body Project and her current one is with the Bradley Univeristy Smith Career Center. In both of these positions, Hallie created posters, ads, postcards, and maps that advertised events for both groups. Hallie’s goal is to bridge her love of ceramics with graphic design and create 3D designs that are loud and speak to others.